Different Love Story

Sometimes, the best way to see the person you love happy is stay being a friend

One moment in life, I’ve stayed in that zone for the time being
I could see him happy, know what he’s up to and how to treat him well
Feel happy and f$%cked up the same time
Share the same frequence jokes and moments in many chances we got
It’s like we got clicked in every topic we talked, I felt so happy that I could die
But another thing beside that was the desperating moment when he went away with his girl
Hate to admit that I feel betrayed for him leaving me behind
For the past he used to burry after coming to me
Two years ago, the line for being friends and lovers was the blurred one he drew
Being too attached and close wasn’t a wise step to do
I hurt myself badly and depressed for months
I knew I couldn’t hold onto someone who wants to go
I knew that butterflies in stomach isn’t good enough for being the reason someone to stay
I realize that I know him later than her
What I could do that time was cutting the tie and let you chase after her
It’s already two years after you left and I’m growing up faster
I don’t fall deeply and easily like before
I’m being cool with the feeling I have although my face shows embarrassment
I like a guy, I hope, but I give big space for disappointment unlike what I did before
Although I’m dying to see the person I like, I force myself not to talk first too often
I don’t want to put much effort on it
I fall, I feel, but I hold myself not to get hurt again
I’m still me, but with different new love story