Let’s say humans are so many times being greedy
Let’s say we often push to do things that out of our ability to control
Like things happen to me today, I dont wanna say I’m the victim of greed
I just dont feel right being in this state
Humans plan, make promises and ruin it..
It happens today
Promises are just promises
Keeping words that were spoken to come early is just a myth
I swallow my pride to wait and get wasted
Blew by the dusty daylight wind while waiting
Ya, waiting, the thing I hate the most in this world..
I wait, get tired od uncertainty and break the shell of my patience
I couldnt help myself to feel the disappointment
This is just damn disappointing
There will be no more things like this
Think before making promises, dont get wasted and disappointed
Ever again..
Anggi, July 4th in dusty day