Losing and Life Lesson

There is always this type of guys coming into your life as lessons and left after the teaching to you done
There is this guy who used to treat you well like a sister, another moment as a girl and other moments like what friends are.

There is no such thing like having feeling towards each other
Hanging out, having trips, randomly doing something silly or being way to dependent to do even small things might happen
There is no such sweet things like good morning afternoon or evening greeting, asking have you eaten or where have you been

But when something went wrong with you he eventually knew in seconds
When you weren’t in the familiar places he noticed and asked if you’re okay
When you were sick and no other people taken care of you, he appeared in front of your house with fruits and medicine you need

He was being arrogant butt but always treat you well
Now as the world keeps changing people gotta change to
And I have to accept that this dude gone for long from my sight

There’s a saying ” Even the sweetest chocolate expires.” What a lame sentence but its true..
You can only pray for your family and dearest friends to live happy their way
You have to bear the hurt of losing, one by one of you closest friends are choosing their way of living

Keep your chin up girl
Be happy, may Allah bless you


Written minutes after midnight,
Anggi Restiana Dewi