Mount Andong, neighbourhood hiking

Three years ago was 2012 when we had such a happy camping in Andong mount, yepp IKMM program for spending the time together. I was the cooking and food in charge although I wasn’t in the mood of it. Novia and Wildan came pick me to go there bringing the rest of the food while the other cooking ingredients had been brought by the truck our people riding. Our semester break was really worth to have the camp thing and simple hiking. Andong has a great view actually, but it’s nowadays too crowded since many people already know this place. Ah, my quiet place has now become noisy and dry. Hate the idea that more irresponsible people coming will ruin the nature we are living in.

   Our IKMM camping was great back then, we had fun playing the games in groups until dark. Praying together, cooking and eating near the small river in our camp. That’s lovely. The night is really cold but we keep talking and making jokes, there’s no thing such cold in warm togetherness like that. And what I love the most from that night was the clear sky, we lay down in the street and stared at the sky full of stars hahaha















   The morning came and we walked up climbing to see the sunrise. Olala, it was foggy and a bit disappointing not to see the sun rising. Usually the view in Andong is great, just like this. When will we go there again?