Self Love #Day13

Self love is the most important love you have to practice before giving the love to others.
Often I had hard times to love myself after the incident that leave scars to the body and me mentally
Some parts of me ruined and I sometimes hate myself
When it comes to settling down with a man, my scars would be one of the reasons they don’t continue loving me
Many people do love covers more than personalities, while I am grateful for people who always see my value after all this time

Opening my bandage for the first time was the hardest part of me loving myself, I cry hard begging to the doctor to put back the conditions before I got burnt
Even getting bullied and no one stand to take a side for me made my school day worse at that time
The main reason why I cover up is the scars, but as the time goes by I’m grateful for it
I believe everyone has their own flaws that they sometimes feel insecure about themselves
I do have mine that sometimes I am struggling to solve
Thanks God as I’m aging, self love is more important than being insecure and fulfilling other’s standards they define me

I keep in my mind that there will always lessons in everything that happened in life
When the person you choose don’t choose you, sometimes you doubt yourself am I not that good enough to deserve him/her
When others treat you bad you wonder did you make mistakes to that person
When things don’t go the way you wanted you’re doubting even more
It’s not always that you’re not enough
It’s not always that you’re bad to others
Sometimes it’s because the other person too or things supposed to be the other way

The way you treat yourself is how you teach people to love you. So self love in a proper amount is always needed for you, eat alone, take your time alone and learn to love your flaws even more ❤️