Singing at The Lounge

   As I’ve mentioned before that these four days streak I’m being all alone at home while everyone leaves to catch their holiday plans. First day home alone it’s Thursday, I’m so thankful that after sending Arum off at the airport I fall asleep until afternoon and realize that I get some friends who stay here.
A guy in my neighbour office stays here while his housemates go home. Thanks God I got a friend hahaha. Pack things and left to the mall ( I usually avoid coming to mall, I’m not into it actually) to go seeing him and I get two more friends coming after. Before sitting and eating at the café he’s at, I come see my Jakarta friend for awhile. And just two pieces of selfie will do, have a nice vacation in the next city dude.

 Coming to Newstar Kopitiam, my plan was to sit, enjoy the coffee and write but end up eating meals there. Talking too much, the clock moves fast. Two more people come then we move to Jatra hotel to sit in the lounge. Here we are, J Cuvee Lounge with its cozy mood but crowded. Enjoying another cup of coffee, be strong tummy you gotta chew more caffeine. The singing time starts when I am about to get bored. I don’t want to sing at first, just wanna enjoy the music but then Mas Banu convinces me.

the longe

I nervously sing there, and again this song (Don’t You Remember – Adele). My college mates will bully me when they see me singing the song again. Don’t you have plenty reference? Why keep singing this one? It’s okay I am so happy that I sing the song again. The sound system is nice by the way.
I walk to my crowd when the guy in front line says “ You have a good voice girl, why don’t you sing again?” Hahaha thank you, it reminds me of my childhood dream of being singer and doctor. If only my physic didn’t get ruined this way, I wont be emotionally damage. I keep the dream of being singer, unability to join the contest was just another failure. I will just sing like the way I want, sing without even able to read the whole melody.
Well, singing at the lounge really made my day.
See ya in the next time my mood of singing comes ~
Happy me,