The Perks of Being Boyish

   Was born in such neighbourhood full of boys is one of the things that turn me this way, beside my hobby that differs me from other girls in the neighbourhood. I do love football than playing a doll. Prefer to wear something simple than dressing my body in such girly clothes. Those are the things I’ve done for my childhood lifetime, playing football, sinking my body across the river, field and unfamiliar places for girls. I even had fight and busy kicking and punching those boys. Hahaha But I was a really happy kid being the way I was.
sandals I prefer to use instead the feminime one

Even after going through my difficult times in my life and finally wearing hijab, the boyish attitude and style never leaves me. I’m comfortable being this way until I reach my 20 something age. I started to know how to fall in love and try to dress up nicely #tsaah. I get familiar with the girly things when I was in 2nd year of college, was 2012 my first makeover began. Thanks to my classmates who teach me how to take care of my woman side, especially Fanny eheheMy second year in college was really complicated back then. Being in such dilemma for joining a nature club who took most of my time while I have to join this and that things and being pushed back for joining the club training.

These are my clothing style before


I’m a bit allergic to make up, don’t like to do the touch up things and never care about what so called beauty since “ Beauty is pain” like people said. I learn how to do simple make up, getting my face touched by Fany’s makeover. And tadaa, this boyish girl turns into princess alike form kekeke. My feminism side depends on my mood to come, one time I started to act so girly that everyone realize me for being in love or something like that then another day turn to be boyish again. Hahaha Seriously unstable, I can’t even stay in girly style forever. The same way I used to be when liking a guy, can’t really stay for the same person for long, can’t be in a relationship as my preference changes as the time goes by.

   There are some events during my college life that has big impact to my daily life, Table Manner one day in Bidakara for KSPK subject, Sayonara party, and the graduation ceremony that made me turn into a lady :V . I’m the person who hate pink started to wear that color more, join the girl talking about make up and how to take care to my own body. Oh God this isn’t like me hahaha. Now I know that there’s no such natural beauty. Beauty is pain and need sacrifation to get it. Many people tend to suffer herself to get beauty treatment the way they want. I have to take care mine, too. Entering the gate of worklife, seeing how people dress up and being an adult, I’ve turn myself into this feminism.

me and mommy
totally different style
From zero to hero, a boyish kid turn herself to be a princess and is on her way to find mr. destiny,