Welcoming Another Number, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Anggi

Welcoming 27, another number of my life to enter and enjoy. As for me, age is just a number. To be enjoying what has happened in my first quarter and now another step in second quarter is a blessing God give me.
I’m aging, getting older and weaker but it’s fine, I started to enjoy my slow pace. Slower rythm and less circle to have is fine though. Some people may draw themself out of my life even though I want them to stay the same so bad. I learn much in my pas 26 years of life, what comes comes what goes goes and it’s fine.

Do the things that you love, be the person you really are, be more direct to tell people things and not let anybody ruining you anymore. I wish you more places to go, more experience to share and more  and many more goodness to follow. Happiest birthday to the 2.7 yo me, hope great things gonna follow you always.


From me to me,