Going Back Hometown

   As a person who rarely come home, once I go back is one thing I should spend in good way. Being in different temperature place than my current city now, Balikpapan this body begins to adapt again. I use to sleep using no blanket, while at home I’ll be using it the whole day.
Taking the mid day flight to Jogjakarta on second week of April, I continue the journey after by using a bus to Magelang city and take another ride home. What a loong long journey to go on. I was sitting uncalmly in the bus when my cousin offer me to go with her on motor ride and I just agreed. And here it is the wet motor riding from Magelang to our home, Grabag due to hard rain. We enjoy it so much, getting soaked by the rain and ride the motor peacefully.
Spending three days at home, having too many things to do I almost not having much time at home. Attending wedding, going out here and there and taking pictures around the village were the happy things I could do back then. Going to the rice field with my cousin, Gilang we had a nice time going around the village and eat many food we couldnt get in the city.
Our hometown, Grabag is a district in the eastern area of Magelang Regency which surrounding the city. Mostly, the people work as farmer but now they aren’t just farming but working in many areas. Here are the pictures I took during the long weekend am coming home.

Balikpapan from the height

hai granny

halo abaang~~

when green greets the morning dew

typical view in hometown

the loggs

mountain view, isn’t it beautiful?


human interaction in the kitchen

from cafe ala ala in my Grabag district

Hussain going to school

when the sun about to go up

making expression

the “budhe”

mom and dad

See you again,