It’s called “Separation”

Class ends,examination’s over
Gloomy day for such a retarded people like me
Gathered in a corner of this building talking,laughing and speaking of which is
meaningful for us having such a new experience after this
Look at your sleepy face,so spiritless
Like you’re not ready for this end

foto terakhir pas probis


foto bareng di taman CD hohoho

No more coming late to class
No more looking at the people you used to look at quietly
No more sleeping and ignore your chairmate
No more laughing together for our stupidity acts
No more this,no more that and no more activities we used to do

Now we’ve reached this thing called separation
But I don’t have the brave to reach you
I’m just so soo hahaha stupid
Keep smiling but say feeling nothing
I’m sorry I’m just emmm..

I tell you something,moments are irreplacable
What happened became memories
We just can remember without coming back to that time
There’s no way to turn back time
Thankyou for this 3 years college life
Let’s study more,the lessons don’t stop when your college life ends
Let’s meet again when we’ve become a better person
See yaa..