Travelanggi Incredible India Trip (Part 7 The Messed Up City Trip, Jaipur )

our Jaipur city trip :”

Day 9, Saturday April 21st 2018
Pagi pagi kami bertiga segera ke bandara demi mengejar pesawat menuju Jaipur dan lokasinya di terminal 1 sementara Mas Try menginap di terminal 3. Bayangin susah sinyal dan drama mau check in sambil jaga jaga di dekat pintu masuk. Jangan sampe ketinggalan pesawat lagi ya Allah, ini tiket baru beli gantinya makin hancur nanti kami. Alhamdulillahnya pas banget Mas Try datang, urusan bagasi dan check in pun akhirnya kelar. Oiya, di bandara ini tidak akan ada pengumuman seperti bandara pada umumnya lho. Jadi kalau ga mau ketinggalan pesawat, jangan mepet dan ndlenger ya guys. Baru selesai membeli milk tea dan roti, kami sudah harus masuk ke pesawat. Pas banget ya :”
    We are in a hurry to go to airport catching the flight to Jaipur. Well our terminal is terminal 1 while Mastry in terminal 3, the drama to check in happened while we stand in the front door to see Mastry. Please no more missing the flight, this is the new ticket we bought please. Alhamdulillah just in time Mas Try come, the baggage and check in all clear now. Oiya, this is a non announcement airport unlike the common ones. So If you don’t wanna miss the flight make sure to check and check more guys. Having finished to buy the chai and bread, we should be ready to get into the airplane. Just in time :”

going to Jaipur

   Sampai di hotel, rebahan naruh barang, makan siang di rooftop yang selo banget, makanannya enak, view Jaipur juga lumayan but well akhirnya terlena keluar dari hotel sejam lebih lambat. Tujuan kami hari ini adalah Patrika Gate, City Palace, Amber Fort dan Hawa Mahal. Setelah hitung hitungan kami akhirnya booking taksi dari hotel hasil tawar menawar dan jual mahal. Yess dapet lumayan murah, pokoknya jangan ragu untuk nego. Dan jangan pasang tampang polos. Patrika Gate berlokasi dekat dengan bandara, harusnya sih sekalian habis landing tadi ya. Tapi lelah sih ah. Baiklah foto foto di Patrika Gate ini adalah salah satu destinasi wajib jika ke Jaipur dan ga kerasa hampir sejam kami di sini. Yok buruan kejar waktu karena mostly tempat wisata tutup jam 5 sore, ampas ga sih jam 2 siang baru jalan. Ku ingin menangis rasanya.
    Arriving in the hotel, laying down and putting my baggage,we then enjoy the view in the rooftop and eating. Jaipur’s view is nice but well we go out one hour later than expected. Our destinations of the day are Patrika Gate, City Palace, Amber Fort and Hawa Mahal. Calculating the taxi price and bargaining, we explore the city with the price agreed. Don’t hesitate to bargain If you want to get good price. Don’t show your innocent and unconvincing face. Patrika Gate located near the airport . Ah If only we went there right after the landing. Unfortunately we’re too tired to go right away. Well, taking pics in Patrika Gate is one of must do lists when visiting Jaipur. We spend too much time there. Let’s move and visit another place since ever tourist objects in Jaipur will be closed at 5 p.m. Too bad we go out at 2 p.m, wanna cry since we waste our time.

us in Patrika Gate ~

pose ala ala in the Gate

     Kami menuju Amber Fort yang cukup jauh di ujung kota dan ga masuk ke dalam karena ngejar waktu biar keburu semua. Frustasi amat ya semua mau dikejar biar keburu, but we’re just badluck as ever. Driver kami ga ketemu di mana mana dan hapenya Mastry ketinggalan di mobil. I walked around desperately, udah kesal kenapa ini trip berantakan begini. Dan diputuskanlah kami ngejar waktu ke Hawa Mahal dan City Palace meskipun waktu mepet. Dasar manusia ambisius tapi yagimana gamau rugi lah 🙁 Kami naik bajaj menuju Hawa Mahal yang letaknya berdekatan dengan City Palace ini. Can you speed up please, faster please. Aku meminta driver kami untuk cepat tapi apa daya bajaj tua nya ngeden sampai berasap. Ya Allah begini amat ya, dan sampai di Hawa Mahal mereka ga mau masuk ke dalam. Kesel gak lu pengen masuk tapi yang lain ga mau. Padahal takut setengah mati pergi ke India ini, pergi ama laki laki tapi pada cuek gini. Udahlah gue bisa ngapa ngapain sendiri, pikirku yang akhirnya mendengus kesal dan meninggalkan mereka di depan pintu masuk.
   We’re going to Amber Fort that located a little bit out of the city. We don’t go inside the area though, just taking some pictures before leaving. What a frustating itinerary wanting to visit all but we’re just badluck as ever. Our driver is nowhere to be found and Mastry’s phone even being left in the dashboard. I walked around desperately, wondering why the hell this trip so messed up like this. Then it’s decided we’re gonna go to Hawa Mahal and City Palace in short time. What an ambitious woman 🙁 We ride bajaj to Hawa Mahal which located near City Palace. Can you speed up please faster faster, I said to the driver but we could do nothing since it’s old bajaj. Ya Lord why the trip this messy, and when we arrived they refused to go inside. I was totally annoyed by these boys. I agreed to have the trip to India eventhough I was really scared of going but why couldn’t the people who dragged me here protect me?! It’s fine, do whatever you want, I can go by my own, the annoyed me left them in front the entrance gate.

afternoon in Fort

the mini bus people take

Indian women

the city trip genk

Akhirnya ada deh satu dari mereka masuk menemaniku memutari area Hawa Mahal ini, Mas Bayu. Hawa Mahal ini dulunya merupakan istana tempat para wanita bangsawan melihat kehidupan dunia luar dari jendela jendela yang ada di luar istana karena wanita tidak diijinkan keluar sembarangan. Bayangin jaman sekarang digituin, ga bisa keluar negeri deh wa. Bangunannya yang terbuat dari batu merah dengan jumlah jendela ratusan dan berbentuk menyerupai sangkar dan menyerupai mahkota Dewa Krisna ini makin memperkuat nilai sejarah Hawa Mahal. Selesai berkeliling Hawa Mahal, aku dan Masbayu keluar dan tidak menemukan Mastry dan Wildan. Dan drama cari carian ini lumayan melelahkan karena kami berempat sama sama ga punya koneksi internet, yahke kapokmu kapan. Aku dan Masbay berjalan ke arah City Palace melewati deretan toko toko dan pasar yang ramai. Sesampainya City Palace entrance gate sudah ditutup, udah 17.30 juga sih. Semoga next time ada kesempatan lagi ke Jaipur demi mampir ke City Palace. Ya wallahu alam kapan tapi.
    One of these three boys accompany me then, Mas Bayu. To know the history of Hawa Mahal that in the past time it was a palace for duchess to see how outside world through the windows built in it. Before women weren’t allowed to go outside carelessly. Imagine If it happens in nowadays era, how can I travel. Anyway Hawa Mahal was made from red and pink sandstone with hundreds of windows and resembles the crown of God Krisna, making its historical value stronger. Finished of walking around the building, me and Masbay go out but Mastry and Wildan are gone. And the drama of finding each other happened since we don’t have internet connection, yahke. Me and Masbay walk around the area of City Palace passing through the souvenirs shop and crowded market and the palace closed already when we arrive, 5.30 pm hff. Maybe next there will be another chance to visit Jaipur for seeing City Palace. Wallahu alam I dunno when.

sneak a peek ~

Hawa Mahal from the front side

the Wind Palace, Hawa Mahal where the Duchess couldn’t go outside for free before

    Berjalan keliling muter muter frustasi, hampir nabrak sapi eh jadinya ketabrak sepeda Masbay nya, sementara aku cuma bengak bengok mohon maap ya. Ketemu juga akhirnya sama Mas Try dan Wildan, kami segera mencari solusi untuk menemukan pak driver. Cobalah kami telepon ke hotel, ternyata driver kami menjemput ke Amber Fort dan mencari kami, sedangkan kami mencarinya ga ketemu dan malah pindah lokasi. Well, missunderstanding lead us to walk this far. Kami putuskan untuk pulang daripada semakin malam. But then ketika kami minta untuk diantar ke pasar tradisional untuk membeli bangles malah diantar ke toko, pasti kerjasama sih kali inimah. Lebih dari sejam belanja belanji ini berlangsung, awalnya aku hanya mencoba kain sari untuk ibunya Masbay, milihin kain ini itu untuk mereka bertiga, lelah sampai akhirnya ketiduran dan bangun mereka belum selesai belanja. Oh boys, perut udah lapar makin cranky ini 🙁 Akhirnya aku keluar dari toko dan Mastry mengikuti. I wasn’t okay at all anyway.
    Going aroung frustated, I almost got hit by a cow but a bicycle finally hit Masbay while I couldn’t help much and screaming crazily am sorry ye. We met Mas Try and Wildan and look for some alternative to find the driver. Try calling the hotel, then it’s clear that we all have misunderstanding, the driver pick us up to Amber while we already move here and none of us have each other number. Well, missunderstanding lead us to walk this far.  We decided to go back before getting late. We asked him to drop us in the nearest traditional market to buy banggles but he brought us to the shop haa. More than an hour these guys shop till drop, I fall asleep unconsciously, wake up again and sleep again, wake up again but they haven’t finished yet. Oh boys, I’m being cranky when hungry and annoyed so I run out of the shop. I wasn’t feeling okay anyway.

the crowded Jaipur traffic

    Kembali ke hostel ditraktir minum chai bareng owner hotel, eh taunya kami setengah dipaksa untuk bikin review bagus tentang hotelnya. Sekalian kami makan malam lah gapapa minumnya doang digratisin, anggep aja tehnya upah nulis review. Dan ternyata guys di India banyak yang memang mereview tentang hotel mereka sendiri, berhati hatilah ketika memilih tempat menginap dan rajin cek review nya ya. Untung sih yang ini oke aja walaupun agak spooky. Packing barang dan tetap terjaga sweeping memastikan kami ga meninggalkan barang kami sebelum ke stasiun melanjutkan perjalanan tengah malam dengan kereta ke Agra. All clear dan kami segera menuju Stasiun Jaipur dengan Uber.
   Going back to the hostel and the hotel owner treat us chai, eh she made us write a good review about the hotel. I just write it right away, just count it as the cost for the free drink. And beware guys some hotels in India put the review by themself so be careful when choosing your acommodation and check on the review. But for me it’s fine, the hotel is good enough although it’s a bit spooky. Pack my things and stay awake to make sure we don’t leave our belonging before riding the train to Agra. All clear and we go to Jaipur Station using Uber.

my scary train ride